Our IT and management solutions and services are geared to help public sector agencies no matter what the challenge.

We prioritize transparency, agility, and adaptability in how we help our clients, delivering results that are holistic, practical, and lasting.

Our team doesn‘t just work for you; we work with you.

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xTech solutions and services provide advanced technology implementations tailored to your unique challenges and vision.Whether it’s integrating an existing solution or creating a new one, we work with you to align with your vision and compliment your capacities.


xManagement represents our dedicated management consulting solutions and services, tailored specifically for the public sector.We blend strategic insight with practical expertise in key areas like enterprise risk management, customer engagement, and more, ensuring your organization is not just prepared for the future but actively shaping it.


xCloud provides transformative cloud solutions and services to government entities, focusing on public sector efficiency, data security, and scalable digital infrastructure. Our cloud expertise is specifically aligned with the needs of governmental agencies, ensuring compliance, accessibility, and sustainability.


xBroker is an advanced data exchange interface and platform designed to meet the interconnected needs of government agencies and public sector organizations. With our extensive experience in public sector technology integration, xFact delivers a solution that simplifies and secures system-to-system communication.


Our xGov suite of services is designed to support the unique needs of public sector agencies across all domains, with deep expertise in public safety and health and human services. With over two decades of experience, xGov embodies our commitment to excellence, innovation, and partnership in serving those who serve the public.


Our xGov+CJIS services highlight our deep expertise in the public safety and justice sector. We offer an extensive range of solutions tailored to meet the needs of criminal justice and public safety agencies, including:


xFact’s xGov+HHS service offerings are dedicated to the complex challenges of the health and human services sector. Our solutions facilitate enhanced delivery, operational efficiency, and data-driven decision-making, including:


xChain is our specialized suite of blockchain offerings designed to revolutionize public sector operations with transparency, security, and efficiency. We leverage blockchain technology to foster trust, data integrity, accountability, and innovation in government processes.