xFact is a global information technology and services firm specializing in creating value for public sector organizations.

Established in 2000 by former lead practitioners in a “Big Four” consulting firm, xFact was founded on the principle that extraordinary professionals and a more focused consulting environment could provide value-based services to public sector agencies. Today, xFact operates as a premier consulting firm completing international and domestic projects ranging from strategic enterprise architecture efforts to the development and implementation of web-based integrated national-level systems.

From initial assessment through design and development, implementation, and maintenance support. xFact strives to incorporate an organization’s values in each solution. We recognize the importance of business goals and therefore consider technology as an enabler.

xFact has successfully completed multi-million dollar projects ranging from creating business plans that address rapid and immediate needs, to long-term revamping of national information systems.

our mission

Our Mission

Our mission is toExtend the Facts

xFact’s mission is guided by the idea that:

  • Client business and policy needs should always drive the work
  • Technology is only used as a tool to help achieve a client’s business needs
  • Solutions should be transparent, flexible, and be able to evolve over time

What's in a Name?

The name “xFact” is derived from our goal to help organizations extend data (or facts) into useful information.

By extending the facts, we provide different types of “ROI’s” to our clients such as return on investment, return on information, and return on iteration.

  • Return on Information:Our systems help to make previously unavailable information accessible and usable to aid in decision making and accountability
  • Return on Iteration:Our systems help organizations make incremental progress towards ultimate goals. By taking small iterative steps, our clients are able to better understand and address their ever changing business challenges
  • Return on Investment:Our systems help organizations streamline processes, schedule resources and tasks, and automate manual processes to help save on time and money